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Hey everybody. Mike here at Hillbilly still's again. I've had a lot of people wanting a little video, a short video, on how to run a Pot still. So today, I have a 3" Pot still setup here. It's set up on my 26 gallon boiler. I've got 6 gallon eggs, it's not full. It's just started heating up enough to drip. I don't know if you can see that real well from there. You can see it right there, though. 4 shots just starting to come. This is going to be stripping them. All we've done, I've got the water on, condenser, your inlet, water is here, and this is where it comes out. This end should always be cool. This end will be not so cool. As a matter of fact, above, right here it's getting pretty warm. So again, water in, water out. Here, always make sure you've got your gasket right here your tri- clamp where it's next to the boiler. Right now, water is at 158. It's starting to get a pretty good strain. Like I said, this is a stripping run, so I'm going to run it pretty hard and fast. I'm not going to worry about cuts or anything. We'll do that on the spirit run, and we'll come back and show you that next time.

Now, what I've got going on right here, I've got my TG-5500 set at 22 amps, which is wide open, and I have noticed that my distillate coming out here is really warm, so I'm going to slow this down to about 18 amps. I'm not going to push it quite so much. You might see a little stain and what that is is the temperature of the distillate, is what it is. It's really pretty hot right now. Our temperature is around 160. Pot still, I don't really see anything throughout the motor up here, some people do. They way you run a Potstill is the way with recipes, everybody's got a different way to do it. That doesn't really necessarily mean everybody's wrong. I'm going to turn the water up, just a little bit on this, see if I can't cool my distillate down, because it's pretty warm right now. We'll be back in just a minute and take a look about what's going on.

Alright, here we are. We've got your distillate right here running pretty good. You can see our distillate's still pretty warm. I'm going to turn our water up some, turn my temperature down just a little bit on my controller. I was pushing it just a little too hard. When that happens, like I said, you just turn it apart. If you're using propane, back the burner a bit. If you're using electricity, just back your power down. The distillate is not nearly as hot now. I could probably hold my hands in it while we go. It's probably 80-90 degrees. It's still warm. Now think about it, you're cool down here where your water goes in. As long as you're cool here, you're condensing, and it's warm up here, that's what you wanted, right? Change the temperature down this [inaudible 00:03:00], not really important, but that's a good thing. Temperature on the pot is 180 degrees. I'm going to bring this camera over here so you can see the stringer running. This is a stripping run. There you go. You want to run it pretty good pretty hard on a stripping run. We're just strictly stripping alcohol out of the water here. I'll come back and do another video. The second segment of this will be doing a stripping run. which is what you do if you're trying to make spirits, if you're a micro-distiller.

If you're making fuel, this won't matter other than when you do your spirit run all you're going to do then is make your alcohol a lot stronger. This won't be strong enough to burn in a car. It's probably coming out right now at about, I'm going to guess, 60-70% maybe. And if it will run, it will drop off, the whole time, and you can see in the whole run your thermometer will just keep creeping up. Like I said, basically, all we're doing right now, when I finish this jar, I'm going to take out the thermometer and test it to see what kind of alcohol by volume we've got. This is what you call your spirit run. You just fire it up, put your wash in there, fire it up, run it pretty hard and fast. Don't worry about making any cuts, and after you do about 3 or 4 runs like that you usually get enough alcohol in to get back the boiler and do your spirit run. When you add your alcohol back in your boiler, you want to be sure to never put anything over 50% alcohol by volume in there. If you do, put some water in there, cut it to 45-40%, but you never want anything more than 45 or 50% in your boiler. It could get a bit dangerous when you get to that level. Basically, this is all there is to doing a stripping run. It's pretty simple, but I did want to make a little video to demonstrate exactly what we're doing here on a stripping run.

And like I said, all we're doing is taking the alcohol out of the water right now. What's left in the boiler in a few minutes will be strictly water. I'll be looking to probably get out of this and put 7 gallons in here, give or take a little bit. We're probably looking at getting I would think 8-10 quarts out of this out of here, maybe 12. and then when we do a spirit run, we'll probably put a little condensed 81/2. Now, when we do our spirit run, like I said, it will be drips. We'll be running fast drips, maybe a really small stream, out of this 3". If you're running a 2", you just want fast drips, you don't really want a stream. You can run it fast enough where your drips almost make a string but that's going to be as fast as you want it. That's what we've got here. I'll come back and make another segment where we do a spirit run. It'll be a little bit longer and more detailed. There will be more explanation to you, but right now for a stripping run, this is all there is to it. Just put your heat to it, turn your water on, turn your condenser, and I'm going to run it pretty fast but you won't want to run it hot enough that you can't move your fingers in front of this distillate warm, that's warm, it'll be warm. There you have it, that explains to you how to operate this, just a little bit.

OK, here's the stripping run, still. We're finish up now. My boiler temperature is right at 212. A glass jar was about 30%, this is probably going to be about 20%, so I'm going to call it done, here. This is a 6 1/2 gallon wash, with Hillbilly Still's turbo yeast. Mix it up just like the recipe: 18 pounds of sugar, with 6 1/2 gallons, 1 bag of Hillbilly Still's turbo yeast. This is jar number 8. That's 2 gallons of alcohol from 6 1/2 gallon ferment, and I'm going to say if I mix all of these together it will probably average 140-150 proof with it, which is pretty good. I've been pretty impressed by it. I have a lot of people call and ask, "how much alcohol will I get out of my 6 1/2 gallon ferment?" You should get about, if you leave it until it finishes and it's been setting about 7 days actually, you should get about 8 quarts starting at- mine started at 75%- I'm sorry, 80%. The last jar was 30%, but now I'm guessing this is going to be about 20%, and I'm shutting it off. Temperature in the boiler is right at 212, so I know in the water most of the alcohol is gone.

Now, when I re-distill all this, there will probably loose 3-4 quarts, but it will just condense into a smaller area with more alcohol. Just want to let you know, that's about what you could expect downing 6 1/2 gallon ferment with Hillbilly Still's turbo yeast. There you go. Let me bring you up here a little closer so you can see where you're at. There's the string we're still running. As you can see, it's still really clear. When you get the tails real deep it'll be real cloudy. I need another jar. The temperature is, like I said, 210. We're not going to use another jar, I'm going to shut it off right here. Here's our TG-5500 controller. Flip the switch off. Show you how quick it works. That's the difference of electricity and gas. You can turn it on and shut it off when you want. There you have it, that's the 8 quart out of 6 1/2 gallon ferment, and this is with a 3" pot still I'm sorry 10 quarts, I said 8 quarts, that's 10 quarts. That was running about 2 hours, actually, so the 3" pot still will produce pretty quick, and if you don't believe how much we got, right here is our finished product from today's run, you can count them yourself. There's 9 jars, and 1 setting over there, it just ran into. That starts at about 80%, and I'd say it's coming down to about 20%. Maybe that will help you some, I had a lot of questions about how to run a pot still This was a stripping run. This is not what is considered a spirit run. If you're using this for fuel, it's probably not going to be a high enough grade. You need to re-distill it for fuel. If you're a micro-distiller and you're after some whiskeys, it depends on how much flavor you want. It might be right in the ballpark for you. There you go. Thank you all for watching and we'll catch you on the spirit run.