Pot Still Head

2″ Simple Pot Still Head


Simple all copper 2″ pot still head

Product Description

This is a all Copper simple pot still head 2″ column 12″ long with 26″ Leibeg condenser. The Leibeg condenser attaches with a copper union. This makes for easy storage. This comes with a 2″ tri-clamp and will fit the top of a Sankey beer keg. The base of the column of our Moonshine stills come with a stainless steel sanitary fitting for long life. You can put this on and take if off your boiler with no wear on the copper. This is a very simple design to operate and is very similar to the Moonshine Still of the old days just on a much smaller level.

These systems are currently on a 3-4 week build time.

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs


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