Alcohol-meter 30cm 12″ Proof

Alcohol-meter 30cm 12″ Proof and %

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Alcohol Meter

Alcohol meters are some of the most important pieces of measuring equipment for moonshine. While a moonshine hydrometer is used during the fermentation process to measure the specific gravity of the wash, this tool is used for reading alcohol content in distilled spirits only. Similar tools are also sometimes called alcoholometers.

The Hillbilly Stills alcohol meter is 12″ (30cm) in length. We take pride in the fact that itís a highly accurate, professional-grade alcohol meter thatís easy to use. Our alcohol measuring equipment for moonshine reads:

  • 0 – 200 Proof
  • 0-100% ABV

How the Alcohol Meter Works

The alcohol meter measures the density of the liquor. To use, simply follow the steps below:

  • Pour a testing sample of the liquid into a tall glass container.
  • The liquid should be close to room temperature for the most accurate reading.
  • Put the alcohol meter in the liquid and stir for a few moments.
  • After the meter settles, take a gander at the number on the alcohol meter thatís right at the liquid level to determine the ABV or proof.

Thatís all it takes to use this specialized moonshine hydrometer. It has already been calibrated to accurately read density and determine alcohol percentage, so thereís no more guessing how strong your white lightening is.

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