Hillbilly Flute With 13 Gallon Boiler

Hillbilly Flute 13 Gallon Micro Kit with HS5500 Kit


Hillbilly Flute With 13 Gallon Boiler

Product Description

Great set up in a smaller package. The boiler comes with a ball valve drain on the bottom and the top opens to a 6″ neck. The Flute attatches to the boiler with a tri-clamp. The Hillbilly flute is a plated column. It is a scaled down version of the commercial distillation columns. This comes with the HS5500 Phase Angle electric controller and element kit. This operates on 220v and will heat a 10 gallon wash in 20 minutes. You can precisely control your run and exactly replicate your results the next time you run. You can make some of the best moonshine with this or high grade ethanol for fuel. With the proper permits this moonshine still can make the product of your choice. Single run Whiskey and Rum, or double run for Vodka. We welcome micro distiller business or the most demanding craft distiller. Your Hillbilly Flute also comes with a DVD teaching you how to operate your new still. You will love this setup. This column has a 18-20 week build time. It is made by hand as they are ordered.

You Get
  1. Hillbilly Flute Distilling Column
  2. 13 Gallon Mash Pot / Boiler
  3. HS5500 Phase Angle Heat Controller
  4. 5500 Watt Element Kit with Installation Plate
  5. DVD teaching you how to operate the Hillbilly Flute
  6. Tri-Clamp and all seals
  7. Sight Glass Tool

Additional Information

Weight 71 lbs


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