Hillbilly Flute Distillation column 4 plate


The Hillbilly Flute

Product Description

The Hillbilly Flute Copper Distillery Column

No serious moonshine kit is complete without a copper still. The Hillbilly Flute is handmade using the highest quality copper components on the market. This design has been around for many years on the commercial level, but we scaled our version down to a hobby-sized still. Just like the commercial perforated plate distillation columns, the 4″ Hillbilly Flute has an astounding take off rate that produces a high alcohol content, full flavored distillate.

Features of the Hillbilly Flute Copper Still

Like most large commercial stills, the Hillbilly Flute is an easy still to run and maintain. Features include:

  • 4″ copper column with four perforated plates
  • Shotgun dephlegmator (“The Rainmaker”)
  • Full irrigation plumbing to the dephlegmator
  • Condensate condenser (13″ shotgun condenser)
  • In-built parrot’s beak

The Hillbilly Flute Copper Still comes with:

  • Tri-Clamp
  • EDPM O-ring seal
  • Instructional DVD to teach you how to play the Hillbilly Flute
  • Sight glass tool – Peering through the site glasses, you can see the reflux in action

The Hillbilly Flute is made from only the best high-grade copper and LEAD FREE silver solder. If you plan to use the column with a boiler, just specify what size connection you require at check out.

The Ultimate Addition to Any Moonshine Kit – PRODUCE QUALITY SPIRITS EVERY TIME!

The Hillbilly Flute copper distillery column will produce 1+ gallons per hour at 90% or better purity. Prepare to be amazed at the improvement in your spirits.

PLEASE NOTE: This column has a 18-20 week build time. It’s made by hand once the order has been processed.

Additional Information

Weight 42 lbs


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