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Distilling Calculator

Distilling Calculator

00) {Making moonshine is a science that requires careful calculations to create a pure alcohol yield. Just a few degrees off during the home distillation process or a little too much sugar in the wash, and your moonshine can be a complete bust. The distilling calculators provided by Hillbilly Stills help take the guesswork out of it so you don’t waste time and money on subpar ‘shine.

Using the Home Distillation Calculators

With the Hillbilly Stills calculators, you can do your calculations beforehand to fine-tune things to your liking. Want a smooth moonshine that’s 50% alcohol? Need to know how long to heat three gallons of wash so that it is gets to the end temp efficiently? Not sure what kind of alcohol yield you can expect to collect from twenty liters of wash? The distilling calculators can be adjusted to your unique scenario to answer all of these questions and more. Get better moonshine with less trial and error! Can aslo scale them up for your larger distillery equipment.

Wash Calculators

Sugar Wash Calculator

sugar made up to total volume
should have an SG and only require of water
and should produce a wash of % alcohol

Alcohol Content of the Wash

If the SG started at and finished at
Your wash is % alcohol

Distillate To Water Calculator

of wash at % alcohol
through a still that collects its distillate at %
should result in alcohol collected
should result in water left in the boiler when finished

Dilution Calculator

Dilute of % alcohol Down to %
By adding Water

Temperature Converter

Enter the degree
Equal Value

Heating Time To Temp

(Water boils at: 100°C/212°F)
Start Temp:
End Temp:
Efficiency: %
Time to Temp: minutes

Vapor Speed Calculator

Column Diameter (Inches)
Power Input (Watts)
Vapor Speed (Inches)