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History of Moonshine

History of Moonshine

Though moonshine and distilling has existed for centuries, moonshine and home distilling became especially famous in the U.S. with the occurrence of Prohibition. The history of bootlegging moonshine & US prohibition is a vital moment in history for Hillbilly Stills, as it created the first notable opportunity for moonshine, private stills and independent distilleries.

In 1920, Prohibition began in the U.S., outlawing the sale and consumption of all alcohol and unknowingly beginning the widespread production and sale of illicit alcohol, such as moonshine. As distillers began to secretly make their own shine or sell to others, the pot still became especially popular for its easy construction, operation and covert storage capacity. While alcohol was commonly smuggled across U.S. borders from Canada or Mexico during Prohibition, areas far removed from the borders began to make their own solutions. Moonshine is rumored to have found its namesake in hidden distilleries that were operated in the dark, by the light of the moon.

Though Prohibition was repealed in 1933, many still have pot stills hidden away to make true, homemade moonshine. Take a look at the products section and see the complete stills available from Hillbilly Stills to find yours.

To make whiskey some people use only what is known as a pot still, This can also be made in a single run with the Hillbilly Flute turn key system that uses a series of plates to make a high quality spirit carrying over lots of good flavor.