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Home Distilling Safety

Home Distilling Safety

Home Distillery Equipment

Home distilling can be a lot of fun and it can also yield incredibly sweet, potent results. Whatever spirit you are making, getting the right recipe, constructing your still properly, distilling lawfully and watching the mixture carefully are all essential. Without proper form and technique, the materials made can be hazardous and the distilling process itself can be dangerous.

Distilling involves the extraction of pure compounds from mixtures of fermented corn, wheat, barley and other materials. Different pure substances may be extracted at different times depending on the temperature and consistency of the mixture, and some substances, such as methanol, are toxic. Nearly all substances extracted are also highly flammable and it is important to keep the final products far away from the heat around the still. Cleaning the still with non-toxic washes is also essential to the flavor of the drink and the safety of the drinkers.

Make sure that you fully understand the distilling process before you begin, so are mindful of the risks involved. For more home distilling tips and home distillery equipment safety, see our online videos and helpful how-to guides.

Hillbilly Stills encourages you to be safe in all aspects of distilling. Always make sure you are careful when distilling and never leave a running still unattended.

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