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Home Distilling Laws

Home Distilling Laws

Is It Legal To Make Moonshine

Moonshine law, legality and home distilling laws vary from state to state and each has its own implications for home distillers. Obtaining the correct state and federal permits for your distillery is essential before assembling or operating your still. Unlawful distilling can result in heavy fines and even imprisonment.

Due to tax laws, alcohol distribution laws and some statutes left over from Prohibition, distilling without proper permits is illegal under Federal law. Some states offer small-time distillers, such as those producing spirits for their own consumption, special permits which supersede Federal law. Other states require Federal permits before offering additional state permits. Every state requires additional licenses before selling spirits, as there are heavy tax implications and special rules and guidelines for alcohol sales. While some states will enact penalties simply for owning or a still, other states allow stills to be owned and used for non-alcoholic purposes, such as the production of essential oils.

Make sure you are aware of and adherent to all Federal and state laws before ordering your still. If you have obtained the proper licenses and you are ready to brew, take a look at the products page to get started.

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