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The Distilling Process

The Distilling Process

moonshine distilling process

Home stills have been used for hundreds of years to make many different spirits, particularly the potent, clear liquid known as moonshine. Hillbilly Stills gives you the basics behind making a moonshine still and the home distilling process so you may safely (and lawfully) make your own brand of moonshine.

Home Distilling Process

If you plan to use your still to make moonshine or other spirits, the first step in the process is obtaining the appropriate state and federal licenses. These permits vary from state to state; some states grant home distillers a permit for private use, while others require additional registration through the federal government. Make sure you know the rules of your state before you start. The second step is purchasing and setting up your still. Hillbilly Stills makes stills for private or commercial use, and the online videos will take you through assembly step-by-step. Then you must decide what type of spirit you want to make; each requires different starting materials such as grain or corn mash, and different methods for distilling.

Home distilling can be a very rewarding process that allows you to make amazing spirits. Proper distilling of any spirit requires careful attention to detail to make sure your drinks are safe. Learn more about the liquors you want to make or contact us for more information.