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Still Plans

Still Plans

Moonshine and whiskey stills have been used in the U.S. since the 1700’s, and in other areas well before that.  The pot still is a mainstay in Kentucky, where many of the best moonshine and home-made whiskey recipes originated.  The still itself is relatively simple to use and construct, and Hillbilly Stills gives you all the components you need to assemble yours.

Learn How to Build a Moonshine Still

Our online videos show you in real time how to build a moonshine still and we will show you the details of our moonshine and whiskey still plans.  Pot stills consist of three basic components: the large pot, or tank where the corn, grain or other mash is heated, a condenser, which draws the alcohol out of the mash, and a receiving vessel to catch the alcohol as it is distilled.  Depending on the type of spirits you want to make, the volume, and the space you have to use, there are many different ways to arrange these units, thus many stills to choose from.

If you are not sure of the type of still that is best for you, see our instructional videos, how-to books or contact us to learn more.