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American Made Commercial Distillery Equipment


HBS Copper has been a family owned and operated business since 2011. Our goal since creating HBS Copper, has been perfection in both functionality and aesthetics. HBS Copper is the commercial division of Hillbilly Stills. However, HBS Copper only builds commercial distilling equipment for the serious Craft Distiller. Each handmade system will have its very own marks and characteristics, both with function and appearance, making each system unique. HBS Copper offers many different options in both still design and kettle sizes up to 250 gallons. We can build almost anything for your personal preference. From pot stills to plated reflux columns, HBS Copper can provide you with the distillery equipment you desire. In the Craft industry, each client has specific needs, in order to meet each individuals’ needs we ask that you call us for pricing. If you’re not sure of what you may need, we can help direct you to the perfect distilling equipment for your Craft distillery.

HBS Copper