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Hillbilly Stills

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Hillbilly Stills was started in the garage of a man named Mike Haney. He has always had an interest in distilling, and being from Kentucky there was plenty of Knowledge to be had. Mike started out distilling using equipment that was purchased online. He soon decided he could build something far superior to what was offered on the market at that time (2009). He and a gentleman from Australia name Micheal Calcot started working on a scaled down plated column just like many of the major distillers use. They Created what was named by Mike Haney the Hillbilly flute.This was the first distilling column of this type on the market. It has now been copied man times over mainly in China. when you see columns on other websites that look like ours their not! They are all Chinese made nock offs. Mike formed the company Hillbilly stills in 2011. He and he wife ran the company from his garage and their home. They turned their den into a shipping dept. Mikes office was the kitchen table. Mike worked as a paperworker in a local paper mill at the time working swing shift for 32 years. He soon quit his job at the paper mill, built a shop and has been operating Hillbilly Stills up to today. When you call or stop by you may see Mike in the shop working or he may be the one that answers your call. We welcome you're calls and visits. We love our customers and like to show you how much we appreciate you. Please feel free to stop by if your in Western Ky and visit with us. We always have time for our customers.

Made in America.