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Hand-Built Complete Moonshine Kit

Hillbilly Stills offers a selection of hand-built complete distillery kits that come with everything you need to produce your own spirits and car fuel. Our carbon filter home distilling kit helps clean and polish the spirits to remove any impurities that can cause harsh odors and taste. With this distilling kit option, you can filter up to 2 gallons of spirit or fuel at a time. For higher-quality homemade moonshine, our All Spirit Still System Turn Key 26-gallon copper flute moonshine still kit is for you. This complete moonshine kit includes fermentation equipment, grain and yeast. Also included in this moonshine kit is a pot still column for lower-proof spirits and a gin basket. Creating your own spirits or fuel at home just got easier with Hillbilly Stills home distilling kits.

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Carbon Filter Sytem
Carbon Filter With Storage Bottling Can
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