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This section is offered as a less expensive alternative to the hand built American Made Product that we offer.  We never intend to mislead our customers in to thinking we are building something here in house that we are not. If you will look very closely 90% of all other suppliers are selling this same Chinese products but do not tell you they are imported. We refuse to mislead our customers.
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2" Dual Purpose Ethanol Stills 2" Dual Purpose Ethanol Stills

This is a 2-inch stainless steel 2-piece ethanol distilling tower that can be used as either a pot still or reflux still. The 2-inch tri-clamp connector on this ethanol still tower will allow it to be clamped onto our 13-gallon milk can boiler, 8-gallon milk can boiler, or a used half barrel beer keg. You will need to purchase some packing materials (copper mesh )) in order to use this for reflux ethanol distillation.

Our Price: $198.00
Copper Flute Tower 4 plate Copper Flute Tower 4" 4 plate

This is a really nice 4" column that is an imported copper still. This is a 100% copper moonshine still, with a clear-coat on the outside to help prevent the still from tarnishing. The inside however is just raw copper so it can interact with your alcohol vapors to help remove all sulfides. This is a very nice piece that is imported.

since this is imported there is no expressed or implied

Our Price: $1,550.00
13 Gallon All Copper Whiskey still 13 Gallon All Copper Whiskey still

If your looking for a unique looking still then here is it. This is one nice all copper 13 Gallon whiskey still that is beautiful. You can use our electric heat on this or you can use with gas burner. We recommend the electric heat. Your friends will be amazed. 5 Week delivery on this at this time.

No implied warranty! This item is imported from China

Our Price: $2,650.00
26 Gallon Multi Spirit System 26 Gallon Multi Spirit System

This is our newest addition to our distilling products. This system has a whiskey head and a column that can be run or turned off. This system allows you to make whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka or Rum. You can make what you want with this system. We can get this with steam heat or direct Electric. We recommend Steam heat. This has a 90 day Delivery.

No implied or expressed warranty. Imported from China

Our Price: $9,000.00