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Electric Heating for Home Distilling

When it comes to heating your mash, you have two primary options: gas heating or electric heating. There are distillers that swear by both heating methods so it’s up to you to decide which you want. Here are the pros of electric heating for moonshine stills:

  • Consistency - Electric heating elements provide a consistent heat source that you can set to the degree. This helps you create a more consistent mash.
  • Safety - Unlike gas heating, electronic heating elements don’t use an open flame to produce heat so there’s no chance of burns or flare ups in your still setup.
  • No Refills Needed - One of the main drawbacks of gas heating is that you always have to make sure you have a tank somewhere. Electric heating will always generate heat. Just plug it into the wall!
  • Efficiency - While the price point for an electric burner is high on the front end, over time, you’ll be able to save money on constantly replacing your fuel sources.

Hillbilly Stills offers a wide selection of electric heating elements and electric heating accessories for distilling. Shop our selection below!

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6000 Watt heating elelment JS5500 Watt Heating System |
JS5500 Watt Heating System
Our Price: $525.00
22000 Watt Deluxe PID Controller