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Gas Heating for Stills

When it comes to heating your mash, you have two primary options: gas heating or electric heating. There are distillers that swear by both heating methods so it’s up to you to decide which you want. Here are the pros of gas heating burners for moonshine stills:

  • Mobility - Gas heating doesn’t require a power source to generate heat so you can take your still setup on the road more easily.
  • Affordability - Gas heating is usually cheaper up front. If you’re not looking to become a serious distiller, the thousand dollar price point for an electric heating element might not make sense. A quality gas burner will cost you hundreds less.
  • Ease of Use - If you’re not very tech-savvy, then you may want to opt for a gas burner because there are less electronics involved - simply turn on the gas, light it with a pilot and your up and running.

If you’re looking for quality gas burners for home distilling, Hillbilly Stills has the best selection at the best price. Shop our gas heating products below!

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Bayou classic Banjo Burner Bayou classic Banjo Burner Banjo Burner fish cooker
Kick a Banjo Burner / Kab4
Our Price: $135.00