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Full-Reflux Plated Columns / Hillbilly Flute

Copper Reflux Columns & Hillbilly Flute® for Home Distillation

At Hillbilly Stills, every copper still kit is made by hand with a focus on high quality workmanship. Copper is a better conductor of heat than stainless steel, allowing for better reflux production. The unique properties of copper make it ideal as an alcohol still producing better moonshine. Keeping the same principles in mind, we have designed the hillbilly flute which is the perfect addition to your distillation kit. The hillbilly flute has a 3” Premium Thermometer with a built-in parrot beak and is the perfect match for 13 or 26 gallon moonshine still kit. We also have other reflux columns including the vodka distillation column.

"The Hillbilly Flute® is one the best built plated column stills in the USA. This is all hand crafted in the USA unlike some that are built in China and sold in the USA. I built the first column of this design in Australia and Mike Haney was the builder of the second one. He named his design the Hillbilly Flute®. We worked together to perfect this design for the home distiller".

"Old Dog" Michael C. -Australia

Don't be fooled by a Chinese knock off that others are selling. This was the first on the Market. Hand made with pride. The original Hillbilly Flute. We now have these is 4 inch and 6 inch. Please call for pricing on the 6 inch column. Our 6 inch column is also built here in Kentucky.


We have everybody, from commercial distilleries to the home distiller, using our product. We take pride in our quality and the quality spirit that can be produced using the all copper Hillbilly Flute. Please watch this short video from one of our successful customers.

This item does require 8-10 week build time.

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