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Did you know you can have a professional moonshine distilling operation in your own home? Hillbilly Stills provides complete home distilling equipment and moonshine still kits for independent shiners. We manufacture only the highest quality supplies and hardware so our customers can produce quality spirits. All of our home distilling kits are manufactured with the highest quality and work exceptionally well for distilling moonshine and your other spirits. Shop our full line of home distilling systems, ranging of stills from tabletop to 26-gallon still setups.

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Liebeg  Condenser Liebeg Condenser
Our Price: $175.00
copper_proofing_parrots_beak_for_distilling Standard Copper Parrots Beak
List Price: $225.00
Our Price: $225.00
Carbon Filter Sytem Carbon Filter With Storage Bottling Can
List Price: $275.00
Our Price: $295.00
8 gallon moonshine still 8 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still Kit With Thermo-port
Our Price: $575.00
Sale Price: $525.00
Savings: $50.00
13-Gallon Distilling Kettle With Copper Pot Still Head | Hillbilly Stills 13 Gallon Pot still With Out Heat
List Price: $825.00
Our Price: $790.00
Savings: $35.00
4 Plate Add a Section 4 Plate Add a Section
Our Price: $1,000.00
3 inchPot Still and 26 Gallon Boiler 3 inchPot Still and 26 Gallon Boiler
List Price: $1,100.00
Our Price: $1,100.00
Electric Agitator|| Electric Variable Speed Agitator
List Price: $1,785.00
Our Price: $1,785.00