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Imported Distilling Kettles

Sometimes, price is a factor. Here at Hillbilly Stills, we specialize in high-quality, copper-based distilling kettles for commercial and home distilling, so our products often cost a premium. But if you’re looking for something low-investment to start up your home distilling kit, we offer imported solutions. Currently, we’re offering a 100-gallon startup kit made out of stainless steel and ready to go out of the box!

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100 gallon Economy Starter system
This is a great Start up system we have put together. This is for a 100 Gallon 304 Stainless Steel smooth sided Economy kettle. don't be fooled this is a very well built kettle. 6 inch 4 plate Bubble cap copper column with built in Gin Basket. Includes condenser and proofing parrot. Heating system is 22000 watt, 4 element with one controller. If you are looking for a less affordable commercial distiller this is for you. You can add any fittings you want to the 100 gallon kettle. FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states.