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Measuring Equipment for Moonshine & Other Distilled Spirits

When you plan to make moonshine at home, it is just as important to buy alcohol measuring equipment and accessories as it is to buy pot stills and distillation columns. At Hillbilly Stills, we have a variety of distillation supplies that you can choose from including alcohol thermometer, test jar and hydrometer for moonshine, pH meter and copper parrot beaks.

The alcohol meter or hydrometer is primarily used for measuring the alcohol percentage of alcohol by volume (abv) while you are making moonshine. Then you can find out the amount of unfermented sugar, yeasts, and dissolved carbon dioxide and make the require adjustments in the distillation process (we recommend using either plastic or glass test jars with the hydrometers for the process). To measure the temperature accurately while distilling, you can choose either a Taylor digital thermometer or a dial thermometer. We also offer standard copper proofing parrot beaks that can be used to measure alcohol content and are compact and accurate.

Hillbilly Stills has many useful measuring tools for the home brewers. We are available to answer questions and help your figure out the tool that is best for your requirements. Call us at 270.334.3400 or send us questions via Facebook.

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Thermometer- Stick-on Floating Thermometer Alcohol-meter 30cm 12″ Proof and %|alcohol_meter_moonshine_hydrometer_measuring_equip
Thermometer- Stick-on
Our Price: $2.75
Sale Price: $1.90
Savings: $0.85
Floating Thermometer
Our Price: $6.50
Alcohol-meter 30cm 12 inch Proof and Tralle
List Price: $7.99
Our Price: $8.75
Hydrometer 5 Inch Stainless Steel Funnel With Strainer Thermometer  Adapter
Thermometer Adapter
Our Price: $19.50
Test Kit 3 Inch  Premium Dial Thermometer