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New Oak Barrels for Sale

Oak BarrelsAre you having trouble finding vintage looking, yet functional oak woodenbarrels? At Hillbilly Stills we carry a wide selection of new oak barrels for sale in two sizes, 1liter and 5 liter, which are perfect to age or mellow your favorite liquor or wine in style. These hand-made American white oak barrels have a medium char and are designed for storing and aging a variety of liquors including wine, beer, tequila, brandy, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rum and cognac. They feature black steel hoops that will react to changes in humidity and age beautifully giving your barrel a classic, vintage look. Each oak barrel comes with a matching stand, bung and spigot too. When you’re looking for the perfect wine, beer or whiskey barrels for sale, these American oak barrels won’t disappoint!

Another great use of these oak barrels is to make flavored liquor. When you want to add a little kick to your moonshine, vodka or whiskey, you can buy our alcohol essences for distilled spirits and age that in these wooden oak barrels. For the beginners, we have alcohol bootleg kits with which you can easily make you own flavor distilled spirits. If you have any questions or wondering how to best use these barrels, call us at 270.334.3400 or send us a message in Facebook. Don’t forget to check out our other popular products such as copper pot stills and Hillbilly Flute reflux column on the website.

**All of our Barrels Have A Medium Char Inside**

This item is drop shipped by the manufacturer and will normally ship within 1 week of your order

***All barrel orders must be placed by December 13, 2015 to receive them by Christmas.***
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