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Copper Moonshine Distillers

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Hillbilly Still, the Copper King is small family company that designs and handcrafts a variety of copper pot stills and reflux still columns for making moonshine. These alcohol stills can be used both by home brewers and small craft distilleries. All of our copper moonshine still, reflux columns and Hillbilly Flute are built by hand, one at a time right here in USA. We refuse to compromise quality for quantity and take great pride and effort in making the best alcohol stills.

We also carry a great selection of copper pot stills for sale. Our moonshine pot still heads feature a copper construction providing the highest quality look and function. If you are looking for a pot still head that is easy to operate, try our simple pot still head that comes with a 2” Sankey beer keg adapter and will fit any boiler with a 2 inch tri clover (Tri-Clamp fitting). Our boilers also have a filler neck and fitting to accommodate an internal heating element.

Generally our pot still kits will ship within 5 business days. But we have a longer build time for our Hillbilly Flute alcohol distillation column. We are working very hard to cut our lead time down. We feel it is important for us to be honest with you about the delivery time of your Hillbilly Flute reflux column. We do our best to get this out to you on time but sometimes it may be delayed.

If you have questions about any of our copper distillation equipment or stainless steel boilers, feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our moonshine still experts today!

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