Dry Distiller’s Grains for Sale

Every moonshine chef knows the best ingredients make the best dishes, and this wisdom is no different when applied to brewing. Unlike with food, finding high quality ingredients for home brewing can be quite the challenge. However, you’re in luck because Hillbilly Stills has put in the hard work for you. Our experts at Hillbilly Stills have selected the highest quality grain for your home brewing needs. Our Kentucky dried grains come in corn, oat, and cane molasses varieties. Our corn distiller’s grains come in both 5 and 50 pound bags in order to accommodate your home distilling needs. Our Sweet Feed Mix provides the perfect combination of rolled corn, oats and cane molasses and will help you distill a great Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

Just like the way we make our moonshine stills, we pride ourselves in stocking the best bourbon whiskey grain around, and we know you’ll be happy with our grain’s results. The grain for sale at Hillbilly Stills will provide great distilled alcohol with quality indistinguishable from pricey, professional spirits. Our dried distiller’s grain can be used to make corn-based ethanol and ethanol production. Both hobbyists and professionals alike appreciate the fine quality spirits made from Hillbilly Stills distillers’ grain. Grain orders usually ship in 2-3 business days.

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