Oak Chips

Oak Wood Chips & Honeycomb Sticks

If you’re looking to add nice color and flavor to your favorite wine or spirit, our premium oak chips will do the job. Although most distilling experts will agree that the flavor of bourbon and whiskey comes from the oak barrels used to store them, you can artificially obtain this unique and desirable flavor by using toasted oak chips or the Honey Comb sticks. These premium toasted oak chips use American white oak and come in convenient 8 ounce bags. Toasted medium or dark, our premium white oak chips or Honeycomb Sticks will produce that distinctive flavor you’re seeking. If you have any questions about our white oak wood chips, feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our moonshine and home distilling experts today.

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  • Sale! Dark Toasted Oak  Chips

    Dark Toasted Oak Chips

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  • Sale! Medium Toasted Oak Chips

    Medium Toasted Oak Chips

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