All Spirit Still System Turn key complete


Perfect hand built system with everything you need to produce your own Whiskey (Moonshine and Bourbon), Rum, Brandy, Vodka, Gin, or Tequila. You can even make fuel


6 Plate Vodka Gen 2 Turn Key Distillery, pot still, and gin basket with fermentation equipment
(run as a 6 plate, 4 plate, 2 plate, or pot still)
If you’re looking for a quality home moonshine still for whiskey or vodka, this is it. Our 6 Plate Vodka Turn Key Distillery kit is the best vodka still for sale on the market today. This kit is the perfect set up for the serious distiller and one of our most popular stills for sale. The boiler included in this kit comes with a ball valve drain on the bottom and the top opens to a six inch neck. The flute simply attaches to the boiler with an included tri-clamp for easy assembly. With the distillation speed of the Hillbilly flute this is the ideal size boiler for this particular distillation column. The Hillbilly flute is a plated column and a scaled down version of more common commercial distillation columns.The 6 Plate Vodka Turn Key Distillery Kit comes with a HS5500 phase angle electric controller and element kit. The heating element operates on 220 volts and will heat a 20 gallon wash in 50 minutes. With this controller you can precisely control your run and replicate your results time and time again. You can make some of the best moonshine or high grade ethanol for fuel with this still. With the proper permits this moonshine still can make the product of your choice. We welcome micro distiller businesses or the most demanding craft distillers to try this amazing still. Don’t settle for just any old homemade vodka still, our 6 plate home vodka still is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Comes with all your fermentation equipment, grain, and yeast. Also includes a pot still column for lower proof spirits, a gin basket.
 Our Gen 2 is designed so you will never have to worry about your plates flooding. You will also be able to achieve a little faster take off rate.  Our new columns are made of all c122 copper which is food grade. The Gen 2 also has a newly designed final condenser. This will bring your distillate off much cooler at a faster rate.
Your Hillbilly Flute also comes with a DVD teaching you how to operate your new still. We promise that you will love this setup! This column has a 6-8 week build time. It is made by hand as they are ordered.


You Get
  1. Hillbilly flute 6 Plate Distilling column. (4 plate with a 2 plate section)
  2. 26 gallon Mash Pot / Boiler
  3. HS5500 Phase Angle Heat Controller
  4. 5500 Watt Element Kit with Installation Plate
  5. DVD teaching you how to operate the Hillbilly Flute
  6. Tri-Clamp and all seals
  7. Sight Glass Tool
  8. 4: 7 gallon fermenters
  9. 8 packets of yeast
  10. alcohol meter and hydrometer test set
  11. 4 airlocks
  12. siphon hose and racking cane
  13. home distillers work book
  14. gin basket
  15. 3 inch pot still with liebeg condenser
  16. 50 lb. bag of Copper Kings Kentucky Whiskey grain
  17. stainless steel stand
  18. stand alone copper parrots beak

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 30 in


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