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Vodka Still 4 Plate Whiskey Column, Gen 2 / Raw

6 Plate Vodka column, Gen 2 / Raw

Our Price: $1,900.00
Vodka Still 6 Plate Vodka Column, Gen 2 / Raw

6 Plate Vodka column, Gen 2 / Raw

Our Price: $2,100.00
copper_still_distillery_column_moonshine_kit Hillbilly Flute Gen 2 Distillation Column 4 Plate

No serious moonshine kit is complete without a copper still. The Hillbilly Flute is handmade using the highest quality copper components on the market. This design has been around for many years on the commercial level, but we scaled our version down to a hobby-sized still. Just like the commercial perforated plate distillation columns, the 4" Hillbilly Flute has an astounding take off rate that produces a high alcohol content, full flavored distillate. Our Gen 2 is designed so you will never have to worry about your plates flooding. You will also be able to achieve a little faster take off rate. Our new columns are made of all c122 copper which is food grade. The Gen 2 also has a newly designed final condenser. This will bring your distillate off much cooler at a faster rate.

Our Price: $2,150.00

Vodka Still 6 Plate Gen 2 Vodka Column

This is a 6 plate version of the Hillbilly Flute.

Our Price: $2,500.00