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Stainless Steel Kettles for Moonshine

Our stainless steel storage kettles for moonshine come in sizing options of 3 gallons, 8 gallons, 13 gallons and 26 gallons to ensure that you have optimal storage for your spirits or fuel. Stainless steel milk cans come with drain, filler neck and fittings for the electric heating elements of distillery kits. Storage kettles are built to be a food-safe mash pot to help your ingredients remain sterilized and safe as you begin your distillation fermentation process by heating your mash. Our stainless steel mash pots can be used to create quality home moonshines such as whiskey or vodka. To ensure longevity and proper storage of your moonshine, shop Hillbilly Stills’ selection of moonshine stainless steel storage kettles today. Save on free shipping for all orders over $99.

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