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Table Top Electric Distillers: SpiritMaker

If you're new to the home brewing hobby, or if you're looking for a great way to make spirits quickly, the LIQUOR QUIK™ SpiritMaker™ might just be your new best friend. In under an hour, the LIQUOR QUIK™ SpiritMaker™, used with 18% Hillbilly Stills Turbo Yeast, provides you with one quart of 60-65% ABV ethanol. This electric, table top alcohol distiller is energy efficient and compact enough for easy storage and travel. Make quality distilled spirits quickly with this electric distilling unit that is sure to wow friends and family.

As far as home distilling equipment goes, the LIQUOR QUIK™ SpiritMaker™ is the perfect gift or gadget for home brew enthusiasts and novices alike. This beautiful stainless steel alcohol table top distiller produces 1.5L of the highest quality liquor. The automatic shut-off feature prevents accidents and damage to the machine. Inspire a new passion or feed an old itch to create your own spirits at home the clean and easy way: on your table top, with minimal time and effort, ready to be enjoyed for any occasion.